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Your To-Do List To Help You Grab Clients At Trade Shows!

This is an article about how to get the best out of your trade show visuals by using trade show displays. First, finding a company that helps you to create effective tradeshow displays in Toronto is key here. Yes, technology is here to make the creation of your printable graphics helpful, but, there is something to be said for leaving it to the pros. You are paying enough to get into a trade show so make sure you are getting the most out of the one shot you get to stand out and get noticed. But, this has to be done right. There are only a few simple things to have on your tradeshow displays Toronto. We don’t want you to rely on over stuffing and overwhelming your potential clients.

Entering a Trade Show: Important Tips to Make Your Booth Effective

Steps to Effectively use A Tradeshow Display

Tradeshow displays should have your colors out there bright and bold so that people can see you across the room. But, there should be no more than your main and most important pieces of information to be seen. This is true because you want to be seen and not have the brain of your potential clients shut down from being overwhelmed.

Your “visual this” means everything we just described. Your colors and bold fonts.

Your “Headline this” is the same as your tag line. This should be directly in front on the banner at eye level. It should have nothing else around it but your logo. It should also have clean font, nothing fancy or hard to decipher or read.

Logo. “Your logo” should also be at eye level next to the company name and tag line.

Description. You need your 30 second elevator speech in the form of a description telling people what you do and what the benefit is to them to become your client or customer.

Your To-Do List To Help You Grab Clients At Trade Shows!

Website and QR code. The next most important thing is your website address. You can also have a QR code which is a small scannable square that is most effective near your tagline or mission statement/ description. It has to be a small enough square for people with smart phones to scan it. It will then take them to your site with little effort. From there, you can guide them to where you want them to go.

To recap this section, the main points above are what shows what the potential customer needs to see and know. It is a clear and concise way of attracting your actual target client or customer, and not just those curiously attracted to a way to colorful and busy booth. The difference is attracting real business and getting that trade show to give you great ROI. That means no wasting your time grabbing customers, your customers will see you and respond and the non-ideal customer will not.

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