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Your Family Needs an Outdoor Pop Up Canopy Tent for More than Just Camping

Your Family Needs an Outdoor Pop Up Canopy Tent for More than Just CampingThere are many times your family could make good use of an outdoor canopy tent. This is especially true if it’s an active and growing family. The square style, which is usually a 10×10 canopy tent, has many benefits. While you might not want a full sized pop up event tent, a smaller one is easily transported and can still be used in many different situations. Setting up an outdoor canopy tent is simple and can be done by one person, although it is much easier with two or more people working together. Families with children who are active in school activities and sports teams can really help out with their children’s activities. Parental involvement has consistently shown to lead to higher grades for students.

Common Reason, Different Season

One of the most common reasons to have a tent is to provide shade. This is a common use of any tent during the summer, but it’s also true during the winter when snow and ice can reflect the sun’s rays onto your skin. Shade from a tent can provide a great deal of protection. A canopy tent is perfect for this as the sides aren’t needed during the winter to keep bugs away. Tarps can always be added to one or more sides to block the wind if needed.

A canopy tent could be used whenever there is an activity outside during winter. These could include anything from a snowman construction contest held by the neighborhood kids at the park, to an ice fishing expedition, to a hot cocoa stand in your front yard. For holiday celebrations incorporating a 10×10 canopy tent into your outdoor decorations can help them last longer and also serve as a prop.

Serving ‘Hut’ at Your Next Gathering

Using one side for the serving tables and a center display placed at the front your guests can easily and quickly be served lunch or dinner from a ‘U’ shaped line. Displays could hold family portraits and mementos from the past if your gathering is a family reunion. Don’t forget to include recent accomplishments of the newest generations. Older family members would love seeing what the younger ones are doing with the family name.
If there is no center display, you could also have guests form two lines by placing the serving tables down the center. One line to each side means guests can be served twice as fast. This is great for celebration parties after sports victories.

Perfect for Volunteers at Events

Your Family Needs an Outdoor Pop Up Canopy Tent for More than Just CampingSometimes when you volunteer your time to help with games and other activities you don’t always know where you are going to be stationed. Having your own shade can keep your time helping out much more comfortable than it otherwise might be. When you first arrive you don’t need to set up right away. For your volunteer mates and yourself you’ll all be glad when the afternoon sun has a barrier between it and you.

Strong sunshine isn’t the only weather hazard facing volunteers who find themselves with posts outside. Rain can happen at any time and many sports games continue right through. Volunteers shouldn’t have to ‘tough it out’ like team members often are encouraged to do by their coaches. You don’t need a larger size pop up event tent for yourselves. You’ll most likely find that a smaller 10×10 canopy tent is the perfect size for a group of volunteer moms and dads.

Getting a Good Tent or Canopy

When looking at canopies and pop up tents you need to buy one that is large enough for what you will be using it for. Purchasing two smaller tents can be more versatile than one larger tent, Vizual Tek Displays offers better quality tents that will last for years to come. Even displays that can be used for everything from family reunions to selling soda drinks and candy at school sports events. Take your creative ideas and needs and call Vizual Tek Displays at (905) 237-3769 to see how a simple tent or canopy can do so much to bring your family closer together and help brighten your children’s futures with your increased involvement. Pop up tents and canopies aren’t just for camping or business displays any more.

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