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Using Truss Displays for Exhibits and Trade Shows

Truss displays are a great and popular way to stand out in trade shows without being boring and without breaking the budget. Call Vizual Tek Displays for consultation and design.

Participating in trade shows and making sure you stand out from the rest of the competition can be challenge. Businesses must come up with an eye-catching booth or display that makes them more attractive that the rest but at the same time, not break the bank. It is important to find a display style that can be used more than once, is customizable, attractive and has great value for money.

A truss display is a modular display used in trade shows, which create a modern and industrial feel. It can be a good foundation for the entire custom booth. Truss displays can be made from very lightweight material but are strong enough to hold LCD screens, large accent lighting, product displays or other equipment. They can be designed to integrate a broad range of possible display setups.

Truss displays have become popular in recent years because their customizability and the ease that they can be used.

Truss displays can be designed in a number of ways: triangular, boxy, curving or straight and can be made in a variety of different colors and with varying finishes as well the thickness of the material.

When used together with fabric displays, the truss display creates a powerful impact in expressing the desired marketing message to the consumers or the audience.

Traditional truss displays use heavy duty sections but newer models employ a twist-lock construction and make it easier to assemble. They are also fully customizable in terms of the size because of its construction.

Most truss display systems fold into single-wheeled cases making them easy to transport, even if they need to be shipped or flown to other places where the trade show is located. Other systems even fold and collapse completely flat, which can save on a lot of space and money when transporting.

Whatever your business is, truss displays can make for an eye-catching and dynamic display in trade shows. Marketing and other promotional objectives can be easily met by using truss displays. Not only are they beautiful, stylish and functional, they can also be a cost-effective choice that still gives you a modern and upscale look.

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