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Using a Graphic Designer for Your Trade Show Display

A trade show display is your first impression and a unique introduction into your business, product, and brand. It must capture the attention of attendees amongst a sea of other trade show displays competing just as hard for attention.

A graphic designer has the keen eye and expertise to help you create an attention-grabbing tradeshow display. They specialize in making colours, style, and graphics synchronize to serve your display’s purpose. Here are the top three reasons you might need a graphic designer for your trade show display.

Using a Graphic Designer for Your Trade Show Display

Design a professional and polished look

A graphic designer can help you achieve a professional and polished look by developing a clean layout and production design that is clear and concise. Graphic designers also know how to display information to consumers in ways that don’t look too cluttered and provide enough information to inspire action.

Make your display more visible to trade show attendees, and increase your likeliness to make a sale or contact. Graphic designers know how to lay out information for consumers in ways that maintains a clean, appealing, and easy-to-read look.

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Visualize the right space, style, and size

Visualizing the right space, style, and size for your tradeshow display with the help of a graphic designer helps you plan ahead and get an idea of what the display will look like. A designer has the tools and expertise to incorporate your business’ unique style (and display’s purpose) into the space and size you need. A graphic designer can create a mockup design of your display, making it easier to play with logo and colour placement, tables and chair arrangements, and style.

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Create eye-catching displays

Eye-catching displays are well designed, provide information to attendees, and help you stand out among competing businesses. Attendees are often drawn to tradeshow displays that are memorable, vibrant, and well-designed.

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Need help with the challenges of designing your trade show display?

Contact a Vizual Tek expert to prepare for your next trade show. We provide solutions to your trade show challenges. If you have any questions or would like a quote for your next display, call us at 1-800-597-1148.

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