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Design Dashing Displays for Trade Show Tables

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Tabletop displays are the ideal accessory to sell any product, and excellent for events where there is not a lot of space. These displays fit perfectly on trade show tables, and can be easily transported. Visual Tek Displays has a variety of tabletop displays that are easy to set up on any trade show table.

How Do I Make a Table Top Display?

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Making tabletop exhibits is easy with the assistance of Vizual Tek Displays in Ontario, Canada. Quotes can be obtained online, on the phone, or in person at the company’s office. There are six styles to choose from, all of which can be easily placed onto your trade show table. Sizes of the table top displays range from six feet to eight feet.

What Should I Put on My Table Top Display?

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Tabletop displays should have all of the vital information necessary for your product. Product logo is fundamental, and it should be large enough that the customer can easily make out your product before they arrive at your display. All relevant information about your product or business should be clearly visible. For example, if you were selling pens at a tradeshow, you would want all of the qualities of your pen on display. Using key words and phrases such as “clean writing,” “comfortable grip,” “no bleed through” add value to the pen. Keep keywords simple and effective. When selling a single product (like the aforementioned pen) you would want to include a large professional picture of the pen. If you are selling a business, more pictures can be used. For example, if you were trying to advance a health care company, the six foot curved tabletop display by Vizual Tek would be perfect. For this display you would put multiple pictures of happy patients and doctors with your logo in the far left. In this instance, keywords are not necessary.

What Makes Keywords Necessary for Product Description?

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Keywords are necessary for products. At a trade show, buyers do not want to see a million pictures of your product with no explanation. What is it? What does it do? If your display does not answer these vital questions, many buyers will walk past your display and onto the next. Most people at trade shows are not going to ask questions unless your display sparks interest in them.

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