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Trade Show Display Cases for Your Next Convention

Quality showcases are used for a number of business purposes when showcasing at a convention, a small town meeting, or any other reason. First consider: Do you want to rent or purchase the case for future use? This decision depends on the purpose for the display case. If you require it only once, then renting is a more practical choice. However, if you will require the display case for multiple uses, go ahead and make a great (and well-informed) purchase.

Rent vs. Buy

Trade Show Display Cases for Your Next Convention

What is the purpose of your display case? If you run a business that requires frequent trade show appearances, do your research before investing in a display case. Consider the size of the booth you need. Retailers have a number of sizes — small or large — there is the perfect display case is available for you.

If you’re in the type of business where opportunities to appear at shows arise unexpectedly, you’ll be relieved if you already have the case and materials you need. You won’t have to race around to rent one, especially if it’s at an out of town convention.

Design What You Like

10‘ Modular Trade Show Display

Modular display: One of the most popular types of cases. It has a sophisticated style and is constructed of expandable aluminum. It’s easy to open up and fold down. If you are a “one man show,” this is probably what you want.

Curved Pop Fab

Popup display: This case is another good choice. It’s easily transported and lightweight. These cases add colour and graphics to your display. This, too, can be handled and set up with little or no help. There are a number of sizes available.

VTK TD-205

Truss system: Required if you need high-tech. These cases are eye-catching and the structure can be redesigned into various shapes and sizes. You will require some assistance putting it together and tearing it apart.

Vizual Tek Displays has all these options and the experience to help choose the right display for you. Take advantage of our advice today at 1-800-597-1148 or (905) 237-3769.

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