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The Essentials of any Trade Show Display

A trade show exhibit is an investment not all small businesses are willing to make. Besides the cost of your booth and display, there’s also the reservation fee and rent for a spot on the floor, the deposit for a hotel room, and other miscellaneous expenses (like food) on the day of the event.

It can all add up pretty quickly.

But in return, a trade show offers limitless possibilities in terms of leads and sales. Here’s how to get the most out of your money.

Don’t Take Flooring for Granted

When designing a trade show booth and display, you want to add as many personalized details without it looking tacky. It’s a smart move to start with your flooring, as it serves as the foundation of your exhibit.

White surfaces are a good place to start since they reflect light back up to your booth’s elements, making things look bright and clean better than most dull convention floors can do. You can lay down fiberboard floors, which handle well against trade show traffic and reflect light without glare.

Add Graphics

But not just any kind of graphics—add images consistent with your brand and image. If you’re promoting a product or service, it’s common sense to install large banners with images of your products or whatever it is that you do.  The goal here is to grab people’s attention and draw them into your booth.

And don’t forget to print your logo and business name on a large banner—you want people to know who you are.

Set Up Small Displays in your Booth

Although it’s always good for trade show participants to ask you questions, it also makes the most sense to present as much information about your company and product right away to answer any initial questions they might have.

One way of doing so is to create small displays with relevant information about your company and its products and services. Table-top displays are a good options, mainly because they’re often cheap, yet still effective.

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