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The Different Kinds of Banner Stands

Banner stands are great for capturing attention and increasing sales during trade show exhibits. For banner stand design and options, call Vizual Tek Displays.

Banner stands are a cost-effective way to attract attention. They carry information, create excitement, and engage the audience. They are also lightweight, portable and easily customizable, making them great as mobile advertising displays.

At trade shows or any other indoor branding activities, they are easy to set up. The skin is easily replaceable to suit different occasions. There are different kinds of banner stands. Here are some of them:

X-Stands are designed for banners with grommets or holes in each corner, which are hooked to the stands. The bottom legs of the stand provide the support. X-stands are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to set up. They are ideal for indoor use.

Feather flags are used to advertise promotions and are designed to look catchy. They are known to increase sales for exhibitors as clients never miss them at trade shows. These are either single-sided or double-sided. They are even more lightweight than X-stands. They are useful both indoors and outdoors.

Retractable or roll-up banner stands are, perhaps, the most convenient and popular of all banner stands. A removable spring roll up cartridge is locked in the base of the banner. It also stores and protects the skin when the banner is not in use. It is very popular in airports, retail stores, conventions and other exhibits.

Telescopic banner stands are customizable in height and width. They are ideal for conferences, trade shows, event banners, media walls or even as backdrops.

All skins for banner stands are customizable and therefore, interchangeable. Banner stands are made of durable material that is lightweight and easy to set up no matter the size. Often, they even come with their own covering and protective case for storage. This also keeps the graphics on the skin well protected while traveling.

Banners provide a versatile option to enhance the glamorous aspect of trade show participation. They are a great way to attract an audience, advertise promotions and increase sales.

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