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The Benefits of Using Tension Fabric Displays

If you still aren’t using tension fabric displays for your trade shows, here are some reasons why you should try using them for your next one.

When participating in events or trade shows, there are various ways to get attention. Tension fabric displays are lightweight, easy to make, durable, and easily customizable. If you’ve never used them before, here’s why you should consider using them in your next event.

1. Tension fabric displays are visually different. They can be made in different shapes and sizes. They stand out from other usual exhibit displays.

2. Tension fabric displays are so versatile, you can actually put them anywhere. They can be free-standing, mounted on the wall, or mounted on the ceiling. They can also be placed strategically in the booth displace to create an intimate atmosphere. They can be made either as free-standing flat panels or as curved panels.

3. Tension fabric displays are lightweight and easily portable. They are often made of light aluminum frames that are easy to transport, set up and taken down even by just a single person. They can also come in wheeled storage.

4. Tension fabric displays are wrinkle-resistant. The graphics will look great even if the fabric just came out from storage in the box.

5. Tension fabric displays are durable and so versatile that there are endless design possibilities. Designers can get as creative as they dare to be. The shape and design are customizable. The design can also be multi-dimensional. The possibilities in terms of design are truly limitless.

Remember, theoretically, you only have about three seconds to capture the attention of potential customers who attend trade shows or exhibits. You need to come up with an effective and customized display for your exhibit or eye-catching trade show displays.

Attendees will come from all sides of your booth. Graphics must be placed at the entrance at an eye-level so people can identify your booth easily. Your booth should speak about what company you are and what you can do, offer or provide. Eye-catching images coupled with simple messages can capture your audience.

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