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Strategize for a Successful Trade Show Display

Trade Shows can exhibit colorful showcases and displays, and catches a lot of attention from the audience. They can easily switch their attention from one display to another. It is therefore essential for the exhibitor to not only grab the public’s attention but to also caught it for a longer time, compelling future customers to visit and purchase something from his or her exhibit stall.

Finding the right method to this poses a great challenge to all exhibitors and sellers alike. Trade show visitors, upon arriving at the venue, would want their curiosity to be quenched. Though trade show graphics that are graphic and bold can deliver the message to the masses, the overall theme of the exhibit must be consistent to e marketing message the exhibitor wants to convey to his customers.

For it to be successful, the design of the booth needs to answer the key questions that a visitor can ask: Who is the exhibitor? What does he/she/they do? What is that factor that visitors can get from visiting the booth?

According to many marketing strategists and psychologists, the main key for a trade show to be successful is perfect strategizing for showing the message of the trade show booth. Listed below are some helpful marketing tips for their trade show to be a success.

1. Have a big picture, and focus there, as to your ideal outcome of the trade show. Always keep in mind the goal of your booth’s trade show, especially during the planning and setting up of your company’s booth.

2. In setting up graphic displays on your booth, make sure that they can seen from at least 10 feet away. Make sure that the displays are people-friendly – meaning, people can at least see them when they move toward your booth from an aisle; and the picture depicts of what they can see upon entering your booth. Also, do not put too much information on the graphics – this job is for you and your staff present on the booth.

3. Sparkle color and movement on your displays to add excitement and avoid dullness on your booth. Remember that the graphics reflect what is in your booth. A dull display would therefore mean a dull booth.

4. Use models that are appropriate for your product and industry standards.

5. A well-lighted showcase, with splashes of color from your displays can go a long way. People are very much attracted to colors and light that is pleasant to the eyes.

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