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The Origins Of Trade Shows And Trade Exhibitions

Bazaars, the Earliest Forms Of Trade Shows And Exhibitions In History

The Origins Of Trade Shows And Trade Exhibitions

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when and where trade shows and exhibitions originated from, most experts agree that the concept of an exhibition stems from the Middle East bazaar. Bazaars are marketplaces in the Middle East where vendors often display their goods to prospective customers. This can be considered the earliest form of an exhibition or trade show.

At bazaars, merchants would also sometimes allow potential customers to sample their products or goods. This is similar to what occurs in trade shows, where vendors give product demonstrations and allow visitors to test the product out themselves. Negotiations on prices and actual purchases of goods would occur at the bazaars as well, which still occurs in modern exhibitions and trade shows.

Medieval European Trade Fairs And The Evolution Of Trade Shows

The Origins Of Trade Shows And Trade Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions, as we are familiar with today, stem from late medieval European trade fairs. During the late medieval period in Europe artists, craftsmen and farmers would travel to towns and city centers to sell their goods. At the towns and cities the craftsmen, farmers and artisans would exhibit their products. In the major cities, many different craftsmen and farmers would display their products, similar to a setting like a modern convention today in a convention hall.

How Have Trade Shows And Exhibitions Evolved From Early Human History To Our Modern Time?

Entering a Trade Show: Important Tips to Make Your Booth Effective

As mentioned before, people began displaying their wares in local marketplaces known as bazaars. Then artists, farmers and merchants began organizing and displaying their products in town centers and cities. This slowly led to the rise of exhibitions which grew in popularity in Europe and later in the United States. Eventually, the street fair which is still prevalent today, was born.

Today trade shows and exhibitions are organized and hosted in special locations such as fairgrounds, convention centers, hotels, and conference centers. Similar to the earliest exhibitions, some trade shows and exhibitions are still held outdoors in major urban areas. The exhibitions of today utilize the latest technology which includes videos, signs and marketing and branding material. Kiosks and booths are often used by trade show and exhibit participants. Today there is a much bigger focus on marketing and differentiating a product or company from competitors than ever before.

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