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Modular Displays Have Taken over Canada’s Trade Shows

Businesses that want to introduce their products and services tend to do trade shows, which is one of the best ways to present what they have to offer. Most companies do not have what to display their products on premises, so they have to either rent or purchase displays. There are various displays on the market ranging from Modular, Pop Up, Truss, Tension Fabrics, Banner Stands, and many more.

What Is a Modular Display?

Vizual Tek Modular Displays in Toronto

A display that is a flexible and reusable structure used at trade shows to present a company’s products and services. The display is extremely easy to setup.

What Are the Various Types of Displays?

Modular Display

A display that uses an entire space with structures set up to show off a company’s products and services. These structures could be a metal framework, or they could be a thin, lightweight panel construction. According to Trade Show Week Magazine, modular displays weigh 60% less than traditional custom exhibits. The displays get made from very lightweight materials, which enables the owner to transport them in small traveling cases.

Pop Up Display

A display that has metal frames and uses a flexible graphic panel made of fabric, or other man-made materials. The display gets attached to a retractable metal frame. The displays are lightweight, easy to assemble, and can get transported from place to place.

Truss Display

Truss is a display made of aluminum alloy. It’s very durable and stands straight and upright. These displays can be customized to suit a company’s needs. Sometimes Truss displays are used as backdrops in television shows because of the quality. Truss Displays are available in many shapes and sizes depending on its use.

Tension Fabric Display

A display that is a digital image graphic printed on fabric. These types of fabric graphics can be displayed in various ways depending on the use. The fabrics get stretched with the use of pole pockets at each end. Moreover, they can be used by silicone edge sewn onto the ends of the fabric. The fabric sometimes gets made into a pillow that zips at the end or attaching Velcro to it.

Banner Stand

A display that has one large graphic supported in a standing frame. These displays tend to be smaller than other displays, but they are very effective. For example, customers can get to browse various stands without being approached by a sales person. Some people like the idea of looking around without someone trying to sell them something.

retractable banner stands

Most company representatives are far too busy gathering materials for their trade shows, so they hire companies that will set up the displays for them. The reps might not be familiar with the displays. It’s easier to have someone with the right knowledge and tools to help them present their products. Vizual Tek is a full-service display exhibit, and they have the latest products. They also design custom graphics for displays. They would make a great choice for a company’s trade show.

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