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Get Maximum Exposure at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show

The Canadian Wireless Trade Show is one of the largest of its kind in North America. Featuring more than 100 exhibitions from 30 different mobile divisions, the event attracts over 2000 mobile industry professionals. Attendees include manufacturers, service providers, tech experts, trend watchers, app developers, retailers, and more. Having an eye-catching display at the event will attract new interest and revenue for your mobile venture. Make the most of this fantastic opportunity for exposure by using a popular and innovative display at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show.

1) Modular Displays

Modular Display

Modular displays bring sophistication to your booth and are simple to set up. They’re versatile, expandable, and infinitely configurable. Arranging and dismantling a modular display is easy and does not require a team of people. The adaptability and easy setup can help keep costs to a minimum, creating a better return on your investment.

2) Pop-up Displays

VTK10ft Concave Pop Up Display

Pop-up display systems are also no problem to set up and dismantle. Durable and transportable, these displays provide spectacular color and visual graphics. Available in a large range of widths, pop-up displays can be delivered, assembled, and taken down without the use of a crew.

When using a pop-up, consider the lighting, graphics, and structure you desire. Countertops, podiums, and a range of lighting options are available to accommodate the needs of your business display.

3) Truss Displays

VTK Spectrum healthcare

Truss displays are extremely popular, effective, stylish, dynamic, and eye-catching structures. Rest assured, your booth will not be overlooked with a truss display. The versatile arrangement can be set up in an array of unique formations including straight, curved, or circular configurations. Truss displays can also integrate other custom displays such as pop-ups or panel displays. Additionally, these architectural displays can be modified with additions of counters, tables, shelves, monitors, and literature racks.

4) Banner Stands

retractable banner stands

Banner stands are available in retractable and non-retractable forms. With highly effective block-out vinyl graphics, these stands are an easy answer for those who require easy setup and flexible transportation for their trade show booth.

Get Maximum Exposure At The Canadian Wireless Trade Show

Get Maximum Exposure at the Canadian Wireless Trade Show

A trade show like the Canadian Wireless Trade Show can be vital to the success of your business. During such a large expo, it is important to create maximum exposure. With the versatility of modern trade show displays, this is a more attainable goal than in years past. With the help of banner stands, pop-up displays, truss displays, or modular displays you will take your business promotion to the next level. Additionally, the easy setup and transport of modern displays allow you to attend more events and gives a greater return on your investment.

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