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Pop-up Counter: Let Vizual Tek Display Help You Out!

There Has to be an Easy Way!


Now I know it can be a huge pain to go to a trade show, conference, or convention and have to set up all of your displays, tables, and chairs. Well, wouldn’t it be convenient to take the difficult of actually setting up some of these tables? You are probably asking yourself, is there even an easier way to do this? And the answer is, yes! Vizual Tek Displays offer a wide range of pop-up displays, counters, and stands to help aid with trade show set-up.

Vizual Tek Display and What They Have to Offer

VTK-Square Pop Up Counter

One of the most popular pop-up options that Vizual Tek Display offers is the pop-up display counter. Not only do these pop-up display counters offer easy takedown and assembly, they offer easier portability. Not often does a business have a huge van in which they can take table after table and transport it to some sort of marketing event. Now Vizual Tek Displays offer a pop-up display counter that fits in one single case. Now that is convenience. They offer both square and curved pop-up counters that are super easy to set-up and allow for you to add a cover to the display to help promote your business.

The Importance of Pop-Up Counters

VTK-Square Pop Up Counter - Rear View


Not only is a pop-up counter more welcoming to people walking around the trade show it is often more comfortable for the employee running the event. The employee can be up and move already so when customers or prospective clients approach they are already ready to go and are more welcoming as to opposed to someone who is sitting down. Some of the best benefits of a pop-up counter include:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Very durable and strong
  • Do not wrinkle or crinkle
  • Portable pop-up displays are less costly than trade show exhibits
  • They can be accessorized easily and lights can be attached
  • Dual purpose if necessary

Why Are Trade Shows So Important

Entering a Trade Show: Important Tips to Make Your Booth Effective

Trade shows and events are vital to a business’s success. It is important to get yourself out there and to become well known in the community. It shows others you are devoted to your business and the success of your business. With a pop-up display going to these events and setting up has become a lot easier on your part. You could start attending more and more events with the convenience that these pop-up counters offer you and your employees. Plus, it takes out the fact of looking silly trying to set up a bunch of tables around your tent, and also event goers will certainly be jealous at the ease you set up your tent.

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