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Printing Perks: Large Format Benefits Businesses!

10‘ Modular Trade Show Display

Whether you are planning for your next trade-show, business presentation, public exhibit, or simply brainstorming how to better promote your business, large format printing could be your answer. Businesses can use large format products such as booth panels, banners, and other modular displays to promote their products in a memorable and professional manner. Most of these products are affordable and can be used over and over again, and are a worthwhile investment.

How can large format printing benefit my business?

Think, Process and Roll. Try it with your Roll Up Banner.

1. It makes a statement. Whether or not you opt for something bold or simple, large scale printing can make your company stand out against the competition. When it comes to promotional material, size really does matter!

2. More people will remember your business. Whether you are huddled amongst countless other booths as a trade show or your display stands alone, people are more likely to remember what they saw if it makes an impression. The bigger the display, the more views your exhibit will get. Compare a small quarter-page advertisement in a newspaper to a billboard you see on your ride home from work. Which one is more memorable?

When To Rent: Trade Show Display Edition

3. It’s affordable. The price of a banner pales in comparison to the revenue it can generate. Plus, most large scale printing jobs can be reused for many years.

4. You get to work with professionals. While you may have spent a great amount of time on marketing and image, printing professionals have a wide range of industry-specific skills that can help promote your already awesome content. Your business is going to attract different crowds depending on the choice of fonts, color combinations, and even the material you use to print.

5. Repetition is key. When you promote your business through large scale printing on sturdy material, you can display the printed material for long periods of time. Think about the businesses in your town or city, do any have promotional banners? If so, people drive by them countless times. Each time a person sees that banner they think about that business.

Take Advantage of Large Format Printer Benefits

6. It’s good all business. Don’t think that because you are a small business that there is no benefit to large scale printing. For any small or local business who appears at trade shows or public events, printed material is a big deal. Even someone promoting or selling at their local farmer’s market can benefit from a well-designed, memorable banner or two.

7. You cannot go wrong. Because of the minimal cost and versatility of large scale printing jobs, it is worth it for any business to consider it as an option.

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