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Interlocking Carpet Tiles – Surprising Facts

VTK Trade Show Carpet Tiles

Interlocking carpet tiles are the new standard for high traffic and commercial use. This versatile and user-friendly flooring can outperform most traditional flooring types where there is a lot of foot traffic. Carpet tiles are also impervious to normal wear and tear that would require replacement of an entire flooring system.

Carpet Tiles Can Really Take A Beating

Interlocking carpet tiles are able to take more abuse than your average wood/tile floor or carpeted area. The modular carpeting system is perfect for high traffic and commercial use because it is designed specifically to be highly durable against wear-and-tear, stains, flooding, and other issues that commonly cause problems for your average flooring material.

In addition to its durability and strength, interlocking carpet tile can easily be removed and replaced if there is damage. Therefore, your carpet will always look its best, professional, and ready to impress.

Interlocking Carpet Tiles - Surprising Facts

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Carpet Tiles Create a Seamless, Professional Look

Carpet tiles can be used almost everywhere. From trade expos to airports, the durable flooring system is great at covering almost any surface and creating a seamless, professional look. It can be used to cover in-floor trenches, cables, wiring, and other unsightly areas. Additionally, the mobile, modular flooring system can be placed temporarily and easily moved when the time comes. This makes carpet tile a wonderful, surprisingly versatile option for commercial use.

Carpet Tiles Are Water Resistant

Carpet tiles are designed with water resistance in mind. Water will channel around the tiles rather than penetrating the backing. Additionally, water will not fully penetrate the tile. Rather, it will remain on the surface of the tile where it can be easily cleaned. Professional carpet tiles for commercial use can always be removed, cleaned, dried off, and reinstalled.

Interlocking Carpet Tiles - Surprising Facts

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Installation Of Interlocking Carpet Tiles Is A Breeze

Easy installation is one of the greatest benefits to using this professional grade carpeting system. Interlocking carpet tiles can be added to or removed from any area very quickly. The interlocking system is perfect for use in high traffic areas as well as temporary use in trade shows or expositions.

Professional grade interlocking carpet tiles are available from Vizual Tek Displays. If you are in need of a great flooring option for your next trade show, give us a call today at (800) 597-1148, and speak directly to one of our customer service specialists.

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