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How To Make Your Jewelry And Tradeshow Displays Stand Out

Displays are very important when a person or company wants to call attention to their products and/or services. When a person passes buy a display, they will either walk on by or stop to look. You want to make sure that your displays will catch the eyes of all the passer bys so that you will get the most attention for your efforts.

How To Make Your Jewelry And Tradeshow Displays Stand Out

Know Your Target Market When You Are Making Jewelry Or Trade Show Displays

If you are making a jewelry or trade show display, you need to have a target market in mind. This means you want to target the information on your displays to a certain age group, income earner and sex. This will help you to decide what is important to show on your displays.

Must Haves On Your Jewelry Or Trade Show Displays

To give your jewelry and trade show displays the most exposure, you need to have certain information on them. Make sure that you have the name of the company, your name, address, phone number, website, email and fax address placed conveniently on the display so that it can be seen well. You will also want to include a list of major products and/or services somewhere on the display.

Jewelry Booth Display Ideas

For jewelry booth display ideas, mannequins come in really handy. They can be used to display the jewelry. Dress them up and make them look fantastic so that you can catch the interest of people that are walking past your display. The use of color comes in handy with this type of displaying. Use it wisely, as it will call attention to a specific piece.

You can also have some sort of contest for your company that will create more interest. Make it a special type of contest to give people a reason to stop and take a look.

For some other great jewelry booth display ideas, you can use jewelry cleaning items to show how to care for different types of pieces. This is especially important for those that aren’t sure how to care for their pieces.

Trade Show Booths Ideas

Making trade shows stand out takes a lot of thought and practice. Utilize your space well when you are creating it by stacking various items. This is one of the best trade show booths ideas that can assist you in getting more on your floor than before.

Another one of the best trade show booths ideas is to use banners that make your booth stand out from the rest. These banners should clearly display all pertinent information about the business so that people can get the proper information as they are stopping to look at the display.

Don’t forget to have an eye catching business card holder for your exhibit too. Use color to attract people to the cards so they will take one with them.

When you are looking for help with your jewelry and trade show displays, remember that we are available to assist you. We are Vizual Tek Displays (an exhibition and display specialist). Call us today at 1-800-597-1148 so we can help you with your displays so that you can stand out from the rest.

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