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How to Make People Run to your Trade show Booth

Trade Shows

Trade shows are the crux of a lot of businesses. They can easily make their money for the year by attending trade-shows for their industries on a quarterly basis. The one aspect that the successful ones know is that image is everything if they want to get the right people interested in what they have to sell.

First Impressions Are Everything

Remember that this is the place that many will come in contact with you and your company face to face. They may have never dealt with your company before and if they have, it may have only been through your website. Now is the chance to shine like a diamond in front of your potential clients.

So, what makes people approach your booth at a trade show that is jam-packed with loads of people? Most people there are using their visual energy to avoid smacking into people. They have to make a concerted effort to notice you. Here, we will touch on what you need to do in order to be noticed and seen in a positive and effective light.

Your Visual Display

Banner Stands

These are the visual displays that people see and if they are an eye-catcher there is more chance that people will look, stop and engage. These aspects in this order are what you need to nail. The display should be professionally done; it should be clean and easy to read; you should be able to see the logo, company name and what aspect of the industry you service. The colors should be your company colors and be contrasted well together in the display as well as with your logo. Any graphics should be sized appropriately and should be symmetrically placed and pleasing to the eye.

Top Tips for Making a Hit at the Next Trade Show

You can come to us at Vizual Tek and get the best looking banner stand in the world but if you aren’t a proactive player in your own business, you’ll be as valuable as a coat hanger. Try having someone go with you so that while you are explaining the product or service, the other person is building your list and getting e mails this is important or do a raffle for a free service giveaway in exchange for a new e-mail address!

Your trade show banners should come from a company that specializes in exactly that. They are not to be mistaken for a printing company. And don’t think that because they are a specialty company that you’ll not find a price-point that suites your budget. What you will get; however, is a company that is going to deliver quality because Banner Stands VTD are what we do. For the best quality and price call Vizual Tek at 800-597-1148

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