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Graphics and Not Just Pure Basics

VTK 8ft Table Top Graphic Display

VTK 8ft Table Top Graphic Display

Do you want your trade show exhibit to make a mark? Do you want it to have an impact and drive people to come and see what you have in display? Then consider the graphic display, color and images that you will incorporate in your trade show exhibit. Graphics is one of the most vital elements in putting up your trade show display. It introduces your company way before you could as it creates the first impression to the visitors. The graphic images and designs can either make you or break you.

It is good to use the basic graphic designs but I believe that you have to highlight some parts to make your display catching to the eyes of many. Remember, man is by nature visuals. We tend to appreciate beauty when we can actually visualize it. I suggest that you just don’t settle with the basics and try a bolder, sharper, cleaner and more powerful graphic design. This may be easy to achieve but hard to create. It requires a great deal of creativity to come up with an eye-catching graphic design that would turn the heads of your prospective clients. Basic or shall I say common designs may be aesthetically good to look at but it may not impress the meticulous..

When you think about the graphics for your next trade show, consider taking the extra mile and try to be more innovative. Don’t go for the basic, common or conventional designs. Consider the following points:

Graphics and Not Just Pure BasicsThe right size

Your graphics should be in its appropriate size to make it serve its purpose. The fonts of the texts must not be too small and must be readable. Check the resolution of your images and make sure it is of high definition kind of quality. The images must not appear distorted much worse blurry.

Match your colors

Make sure that your color matches the overall concept of your trade show. It must also be bold enough to highlight what needs to be highlighted. As much as possible, choose the colors that best represent your company.

Find an appealing theme that would be pleasing to your market

Consider your prospective clients. What do you think they would most likely want to see in relation to the product you are selling? Once you know the answer, make it your inspiration in your overall graphic theme.

Be creative and do away with the basics.

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