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Importance of Graphics and Design in Trade Show Displays

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The display used by your business at trade shows is vital. If you set up a picnic table full of business cards, your competitors won’t take you seriously. Possible customers will walk by, missing your presentation and thinking you have nothing to offer. Any business following this pattern will fail to increase their customer base. That company may be successful in other ways, but if they do not factor in the value of having an effective trade show display booth of sufficient size and appeal, they are making a huge mistake.

Make a Stand

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Your business cannot speak for itself; that is the job of sales staff, administrators — even installers or shipping departments. Your sales staff should attend trade shows and shine by being personable and showing business expertise. Gimmicks are not necessary, and for the sake of professionalism, should be avoided. There is no need to have comely models at a trade show unless you are in the entertainment business. However, your display area is your sales and promotion platform. Salespeople should present themselves in professional attire. If worn during the workday, logo imprinted shirts and nametags should be used by everyone. If you employ an exceptional receptionist, she (or he) can attend the trade show and not only attract attention but answer simple questions, hand out business cards and refer specific questions to sales staff. As a paid employee, the receptionist should be paid for the day’s work, and s/he should be briefed about how to handle potential customers. Receptionists may have a favorite salesperson (or two), but they should be advised that the referrals are to be handed out equally. There is one big caveat here: The receptionist should have an insight into which type of sales agent would best serve each potential customer.

Get It Right the First Time

How Double Sided Hanging Banners are Made


Your first impression at a trade show is important. Talk with experts in the trade show design and display field. They will accommodate you and help determine the size of display based on your competition. This way you will land on your feet running, feel great about your display booth, and be ready to succeed. Remember that your display belongs to you, and you can set it up year after year. Be a winner. Vizual Tek Displays can answer all your questions and start you on your way to success. For information contact us, the leader in specializing trade show displays, at 1-800-597-1148.

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