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1) Why should I purchase a portable display?
Because portable displays are a great way in which to showcase your products or services to a prospective customer. Displays can be used at tradeshows, events, malls, retail, conventions, lobby’s, functions…pretty much anywhere! It is an efficient and effective way to gain attention, spotlight your company and its products and services.

2) What are the most important considerations in creating a display?
With so many other companies competing for the attention of the same customer that you are, it is important that your display looks attractive, draws attention, and clearly identifies who you are and what you are selling. Attractive displays with well-designed graphics easily draw the attention of potential customers.

3) Which exhibit display would be best for me?
When choosing a display you should consider weight, set up time, transportability and look. Our Pop up displays are quite light, portable and easily set up. Our Blueprint and Easy Show display solutions provide great set-up flexibility and a numbers of unique looks.

4) How are displays set up?
Most displays can be set up in 10-20 minutes with no tools needed. They are designed to be set up by a single individual and are typically packed into a single light weight traveling case that has wheels and is easily transportable.

5) How long will my display last?
Your portable display should last 5-10 years with proper care. Our displays are well built and made of top quality materials. Graphics are easily updated when and if your product line or branding changes.

6) How do I submit graphics?
Most display graphics are submitted as specifically prepared digital computer files. We receive graphics on Zip Disks, CD’s or diskettes. We also have graphic designers who can design and produce your custom graphics for a minimal fee.

7) How much do exhibits weigh?
Ten foot displays typically weight 80lbs including the wheeled traveling case. Twenty foot displays weight approximately 160 lbs.

8) What warranty comes with your displays?
We offer a lifetime warranty on the frames of our displays and a manufacturer’s defect warranty on all other components. Wear and tear from shipping, use at events and other misuse is not covered under the warranty.

9) When should I order a display?
Planning sufficiently in advance will always make things run smoother. We recommend that you order at least one week in advance for displays without graphics and at least two weeks if graphics are needed. We of course can always rush things and we strive to more than meet your expectations, but having that extra time will make sure all goes as planned and your display will be ready for your event.

10) Why buy from Vizualtek Displays?
For three very good reasons; a) We are extremely price competitive. We shop all over the world for products to ensure that our prices always remain highly competitive. b) We have a great selection of displays, exhibits, booths, kiosks, banners and racks. In some cases we have exclusive rights to these for Canada or North America. c) We guarantee industry leading service for our customers. We will ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your experience with our company.

11) How can I place an order?

You can contact us at 905-597-8000, FAX us at 1-888-505-1246 or Get a Quote

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