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Tension Fabric Graphics vs Pillowcase Fabric Graphics Explained

Fabric back wall with feet

If you are new to the sign industry and are looking to have a cool custom sign made for your event or business, you may find some of the industry terminology quite confusing. When it comes to fabric graphics signs, there are a lot of nicknames, but there are only two primary types. The difference in the two types of fabric graphics sign systems is quite distinct. But before we explain the differences in these two systems, let’s first explain what a fabric graphics sign is.

A fabric graphics sign consists of a piece of fabric that has a digital image printed on it. The types of fabric used can vary significantly depending on the needs or wants of the customer, including their desire for the sign to be eco-friendly. There are virtually no limits to size and shape as well. If you have ever seen a building that was under construction and wrapped in a giant advertisement, that is an example of a fabric graphics sign.

Tension Fabric Graphics Signs

Tension Fabric Display

There are two ways a fabric graphics sign is displayed. A tension fabric system is a two piece system comprised of a frame of some type and the graphics sign. In this system the fabric graphics sign is tensioned and held secure to the frame by a means such as Velcro. In some case,s accommodations are provided so that the graphics sign can accept support poles along two of its edges, which are then spread apart to create the tension that gives the sign its professional appearance. The frames are typically simple metal or plastic pieces that snap together and apart for easy assembly and storage. With this system, the frame remains exposed when viewed from the back which can be prohibitive for certain applications.

Pillowcase Fabric Graphics Signs

Fabric Displays


Similar to tension fabric graphics signs, pillowcase fabric graphics signs are a two-piece system consisting of a frame and a fabric graphics sign.The two systems differ in how they are tensioned onto the frame. Where the tension type system is secured to the frame using Velcro or other such means, a pillowcase fabric graphics sign works much like its name implies. The fabric graphics sign is made similarly to a pillowcase, which is then pulled over a custom frame that holds the shape and tension on the fabric graphics. Typically there is an inconspicuous zipper to prevent the fabric sign from slipping off of the frame. This design provides a tremendous amount of versatility in sign shape and there is no frame exposed.

Great for open exhibit settings, these aesthetically pleasing systems are one of many products that Vizual Tek Displays provides for trade show displays. Give us a call at 1-800-597-1148 and ask how we you sell your product or services..

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