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How Double Sided Hanging Banners are Made

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What are double sided banners used for? Why are double sided banners better than printing on one-sided vinyl or using other banners? There are many reasons why double-sided is the preferred method of advertising at trade show displays in Toronto. Unlike one-sided vinyl banners and fabric banners, double-sided printing is twice the advertisement with one unit of vinyl. For those who are able to print on vinyl at home, it may be an easy task to print and weld these together. The final product will depend on the colors and vinyl thickness. Being a more effective mode of visual communication than one-sided vinyl banners, these banners require a little more know-how to make.

Graphic Design Choice

How Double Sided Hanging Banners are Made

The first step is choosing a good graphic designer. This is important because the designer will be responsible for making the image fit the size of the double-sided banner. If one is skilled in Photoshop, it may be possible to do it on one’s own. However, with bigger banners, it is best to minimize risk and contact a graphic designer or a company that is able to offer in-house design. This is becoming more and more common as banner design companies realize how important it is to translate the vision of the customer into a proper banner.

Welding the Banners

Think, Process and Roll. Try it with your Roll Up Banner.

Double sided banners are usually printed on high quality vinyl. The first step in creating double sided banners is to print two separate banners and then heat weld them back to back. Whether a text only or visual banner, getting the welding right is extremely important; welding the two banners together in a manner that is off by even a couple of inches means that the text or visual may be visible on the other side of the banner. Depending upon the thickness of the vinyl, however, sunlight shining through a banner may ruin the effect of the text or visuals. Larger banners require the work of trained professionals who are able to get this process right.

Insertion of Grommets

After the welding is finished grommets are typically put into the banner. Depending upon the size of the banner, these grommets are spaced so that the banner is easily hung. It is imperative to get the grommets spaced on larger banners right. A banner that does not hang evenly interferes with the message displayed! One wants to be able to see both sides clearly. While these banners are used for both inside and outside uses, double-sided banners are typically used for outdoors advertisements. These banners can come in any size from 6 to 40 feet! They are perfect for advertising near roadways and other places where large amounts of people will be present.

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Vizual Tek is a company that specializes in creating effective and visually captivating double-sized banners. Whether 6 x 6 design or a large motorway advertisement, we use quality materials and staff that have had years of experience within the graphics industry. Getting the best product possible is the result of excellent communication with the customer at every step of the process. Conceptualization, design, and final execution are all equally important in creating the best end-product possible.

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