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Designing a Pop Up Exhibit Display for Increased Visibility and Flexibility

Standing out at a trade show has many benefits. The opportunity to strengthen your brand, share trade knowledge, and generate leads that will result in sales. When you use trade shows as a form of marketing, strategic decisions should go into how to best present your brand. Setting up a bland, ordinary display won’t catch anyone’s eye and one that is cumbersome and hard to set up simply adds stress to your traveling staff members. Here are some tips for designing pop up displays Toronto:

Curved Pop Fab

Include Your Branding in Your Display

Make sure to include the specific elements that are a part of your particular brand into the design of you display graphics. This may include your logo, brand name, colors, and text fonts that are normally used by your company. Although you want to keep the display simple and clean, it must still reflect your company identity. Toronto pop up displays should incorporate your companies brand with interesting graphic design.

Eye-Catching Graphic Displays

A vibrant graphic display will catch the attention of passer-bys that may have otherwise not noticed your display. The impact of your booth will be greater if it has bright, bold colors (staying within you brand, of course). Don’t be afraid to use a big images or infographics as opposed to a lot of smaller groups of information. Once you draw the client to your table, let your other marketing material spell out the details.

Lightweight and Easy Set-up

A cumbersome looking display is not usually necessary. Choose an option that is just big enough for your space; good alternatives are the concave pop up displays Toronto. A system that has spring loaded action to assist in set up can be very handy. Your objective is to display you most current products or services, so choosing an exhibit system that keeps your focus on business instead of worrying about set-up, is always a good option.

The Right Lighting Can Mean Sales

Many exhibits don’t take into account the importance of lighting the display. Your lighting can be used to create a mood, establish a dramatic effect for your booth, or to spotlight a product. Also consider the types of bulbs you will use. LEDs offer a brilliant white light or can be used with multiple colored bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are a softer and warmer option. Experiment with different configurations to get the best setting for your lighting. A dark, somber display will not generate as many leads as a well-lit exhibit.

Vizual Tek Displays is a Toronto pop up displays manufacturer that has created a portable, pop up display system that is easy to set up. Call us toll-free at 1-800-597-1148 for more information on designing a pop up exhibit display.

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