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Choose Custom Displays for Trade Shows


At a trade show the first impression makes the difference between whether or not a sale or contact is made. A well-designed display gets you noticed and a custom display is extremely memorable. The goal is to stand out from the crowd and ensure that individuals viewing the exhibit remember it as they walk through the sea of competitors.

Custom tradeshow displays tend to be a bit pricier than standard, pre-fabricated, cookie-cutter options. There are many advantages that make it worth the extra cost. It’s important to remember that just attending the event is not enough. Making contacts that translate into company dollars or long-term relationships will determine how successful a trade show is. Customizing and creating a polished display that exudes professionalism will draw trade show attendees to the space.

How To Determine The Best Customized Trade Show Display


Customized displays come in all styles and sizes from small and relatively simple to ornate and visually stimulating. Assessing immediate and long-term needs and goals should be the first step.

  1. Registering for one or two events per year that increase or maintain public awareness of the company can minimize the extravagance of a display. If trade shows are utilized as the primary means of sales or contact with the public sector, however, then standing out from the crowd with a high-end exhibit would be warranted.
  2. Evaluate the products and/or information to be shared with the public and determine the space, style, and size of the display required. Rather than trying to fill space or displaying products and information in a space too small or large, your needs should dictate the exhibit specifications.
  3. Consider the image of the company to be displayed. Trends come and go and should be avoided. Rather, opt for a classic display that will best represent company image and last for years, yet be versatile and easy to maintain.

Decide how the display will be transported, set up, taken down, and stored from one event to the next. A do-it-yourself operation will have different needs from one where workers specializing in display set up and tear down are hired.

Other Things To Consider


Customized trade show displays are specifically designed to fit individual needs. Consider all aspects of the finished product to dictate style, shape and size. Here are a few other things to keep in mind during the design phase of a custom display:

  • Today’s trade show attendees respond well to technology. Lighting, sound, and media can increase interest in a booth and the products and/or services on display.
  • Setting up products and information requires a number of horizontal surfaces but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Customization creates alternatives to traditional options such as just putting everything out on a table.
  • Remember that needs change for the company as well as the audience. Adaptability will ensure displays meet the needs of a growing business and changing consumer wants.

Custom tradeshow displays are available in Toronto through Vizual Tek Displays. We can maximize your trade show dollars and provide a display that adapts to the ever-changing needs of your company. Call us today at 1(800)597-1148 to speak directly with one of our designers.

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