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Advantages of Using Modular Display

Modular displays have been around for many years. Recently, there seems to be a surge in its popularity. More and more trade show participants are using modular displays to create a lasting impression.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider using modular displays in your next exhibit, if you are not using it already.

Modular displays are made up of a pole and panel system that is both lightweight yet strong enough once it is put together. They come with a metal base that keeps them from moving around once they are set up. Setting them up and tearing down is a breeze. You need not get frustrated and spend a lot of time putting up your booth.

They can be set up in either landscape or portrait type display. Whatever your need or preference for a particular exhibit, your modular display can easily adjust to the restriction of space within the venue. They also work well with additional structures, such as LCDs and other displays, if the space allows.

Modular displays are easily customizable. They can be made to look modern and sophisticated. They can be designed to have unique features like counters, banners, or even LCD mounts. Just by looking at the display, exhibit attendees will have no idea how easy it was to set up your display. All that they will see is how beautiful and engaging your display is. They can also be complemented further by adding accent or spotlights to showcase your booth.

Modular display systems offer many years of useable life. They are ideal for travel and frequent use. So even if your shows are out of town or across the country, you can be secure in knowing that you easily pack your display for travel.

When time and money are of the essence, and they usually are with trade show participations and exhibits, you can never go wrong with investing in modular show displays.

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