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4 Top Benefits of Portable Display Rentals

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Compact, transportable and affordable, portable display rentals have become one of the most sufficient means for showcasing and marketing your wares. They can be strategically designed to fulfill a vision that achieves the effect you need at roadshows, stores, exhibitions and trade shows. Incorporate everything from banners to digital equipment, from lights and sound systems, all in order to highlight your presence in a roomful of competitors.

Technology has made portable display rentals too convenient and flexible to be ignored by anyone that moves from venue to venue to promote their products and services. In fact, here are four top reasons why using portable display rentals are highly beneficial for your travel and marketing projects.

A display can be customized with high quality graphics that prominently increase your visibility and advocate your brand. These will be professionally printed images that can be set up and removed quickly, giving your display incredible flexibility.

Contemporary technology provides a variety of styles. You can have backdrops, private booths, signs, banners, table top exhibits, stands, podiums, literature racks and counters. There can be touchscreens, speakers, stands and lighting. Depending on your needs, go with a modular, pop up or truss display.

Modern displays are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and easy to set up and take down under even the most rushed circumstances. Displays can be broken down into carrying cases that make moving them from place to place hassle free. Make sure your choices have been engineered with flexible telescoping, pop-up and unfolding features that ensures minimal use of tools. In a lot of cases, no tools will be required at all.

The budget for a portable display rental should always be based on the scope of the project. Regardless of your vision, it is still incredibly economical considering its return. At the typical trade show or exhibition, your booth could be one of dozens — perhaps hundreds — of booths, each reaching for the same audience. You want to stand out and that means having a display that grabs attention. And having a display with the best technology also means reducing costs associated with the storage, transportation and set-up associated with older displays.

When choosing a portable display rental, be sure the vendor knows exactly what you plan to do with it and how you want to market yourself. They can help you decide what type of display you need and work with you on accessories and images. Do take into account the ease for assembly and disassembly. There are options here where a single person can take a display apart in minutes, while another display may require a few hands. And while lightweight stands are the norm, transportation is a critical consideration and the weight of your choice is important.

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If you want to know more about portable display rentals, contact Vizual Tek Displays. We are a leader in the design, building, installation, storage and maintenance of trade show displays. We have the products, the services and the portfolio of satisfied clients to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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