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3 Streetsmart Tips for an Effective Trade Show Exhibit

The trade show booth is a classic and effective way to advertise your brand, get leads, and even reap sales during the show itself. Your first trade show can be nerve-wracking affair, what with the significant amount of money that goes into designing and building the booth, as well as the limitless business possibilities open to you on the floor of the event.

Here are some common sense tips for your trade show, you can’t go wrong with.

Keep a Lid on Spending

Trade shows can be a black hole for your budget, so be sure to keep an eye on your expenditures. The easiest ways to lose money at a trade show is to join one without making a formal budget, and to make impulsive, last-minute purchases related to your booth and exhibit in the days leading to the big event.

Prepare a budget for the exhibit so you know how much you can afford to spend, and stick to it no matter what. An effective exhibit focuses on class, not size. So even with a conservative budget, your booth can still look inviting and professional compared to a larger, but not so attractive exhibit. Bear in mind that a smaller space is always easier to spruce up—it’s cheaper too.

Consider Portability

A portable exhibit is a cost-effective, common sense solution that works well for small companies with limited advertising budgets.  They come in a wide variety of styles suitable for different budgets, ranging from tabletop styles that cost just a couple of hundred dollars, to large, full-height displays. And with the addition of a professionally designed logo at the top of the display and large, full-color product images, you can have a booth that looks just as professional as any.

Pick a Great Location

Location, location, location. Although new exhibitors are hard-pressed to land prime floor positions, try to do all you can to secure a spot with good foot traffic. Some trade shows are a first come, first serve affair, while other shows require you to pay a premium for good locations.

Always prioritize areas with high foot traffic. Think of corner booths, areas near restrooms, and spots close to big name exhibitors.

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